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Surgical Headlight

Surgical Headlight

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Why wearing surgical headlight?

A surgical headlight features a small dedicated light spot that follows the doctor’s line of vision. A well-illuminated operation creates a safe environment for the patient and the attending staff, ensuring that each action is precise and accurate. Good lighting also helps professionals reduce glare and eyestrain, which allows them to work for long hours with no issue.

Why choose Eighteeth Softouch

  • Ultra-light, the headlight weighs only 8g, reducing the burden on the bridge of the nose.
  • Top class light source,reveal true color and maximum brightness up to 35000 Lux.
  • Touch control design, and stepless dimming.
  • The light spot is uniform, the edge is clear, and there is no flicker (protect eyes).
  • Ultra-long battery life, up to 11 hours at maximum brightness.